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[ london; great mirrorlake manor ]

[ It's been odd returning home after her experience in the City and the other places she's visited. Time is really strange for her, though she supposes it comes from being what she is.

She's mildly grateful, in a way. Because it makes fixing the mistakes from the past something to work towards. This new life and existence and renewed purpose, and knowing that so long as Axl's purpose exists, so will she, is her determination to make sure she lives on for him.

Even if she no longer has what she could have given him as someone of their own. But that too will happen in time. When they're together. For real.

That's what makes her come back, and begin to work on restoring her home. Her home, her ground. Her place to come back to. It's a fine day today and she sets on out to the lake-- she can't exactly work without replenishing her magic, after all. To think that this was the place where all her power came from! Home is where the heart is, she supposes. And this time she won't make the mistake of forgetting that.

She's made too many mistakes already.

So for all the friends she's made over times and worlds, she'll live. And she hopes they can visit her some day.

Just like they've always taken care of her, when she's visited them. Maybe there'll be an adventure to be had today. ]

[ooc; Pfft, okay. Big pretty manor, in a pocket dimension that connects to Axl's London through THE WELL, a safe haven for her, also complete with forest and lake and general nature and magical creatures GEARS and Guilty Gear style adventure and this isn't going to make sense right now but have at. GG-world is magical so anything could happen :3.]
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[ He's stopped being surprised by these sudden daytrips, and stopped being bothered by the feeling of being distinctly out of place (it's something he's already felt for the most part of his life). He's pretty much spent most of his time here so far observing the scenery; he's not sure what he's supposed to do here.

He sighs, crosses his arms, and leans back against a tree, looking out to the lake in the meantime, seemingly lost in thought for now. ]
[ It's not hard to feel the presence here-- after all, with this place being a dimension of its own, the worlds outside often intermingle and she feels no danger. But it's familiar and it's what makes her stop in her walk, before she finds herself smiling to herself.

Is it really... she stops in her thought and runs, heading towards the lake. Someone else is here, and she's recognizing their presence and within moments, she's a short distance away from the lake and the new arrival, pausing only to catch her breath. ]

I do wish there was some way to have advance notice before guests arrived...

[ There's a light laugh in her voice as she raises her gaze, her expression hiding the real joy she is feeling. It's been weeks, but it's still felt like a long time. And to think it would be him in -her- world this time. ]

Enjoying the view, Kratos?
[ He's surprised-- not necessarily by the presence itself; he had sensed it coming long before-- but rather at the sudden appearance of a familiar face, and so out of breath. ]
... Megumi. [ A greeting, simple but effective. ]
[ She'd really been relying on magic for too long if a run from-- wait, that would make anyone go out of breath. She'd run a long way, after all.

But seeing Kratos here is such a pleasant surprise that she can't contain herself, and she laughs lightly to herself, before moving up towards him and giving him a welcoming hug. A short one, not one she'd have him reacting to, before drawing back and smiling. ]

It's good to see you, Kratos! Ah, I can't believe you ended up here this time!

[ She chuckles, looking at him with a bright smile. ]

Goodness, were you alone here all this time?
[ He's a little taken aback by the warm welcome, but regains composure fairly quickly. All this time...? He decides against bringing up the fact that he's more than accustomed to the solitude. ]

... I suppose. Is this your home?
That's right...

[ She steps back, motioning around her. It's a secluded small village-like location, her home is in an area distanced from where the other homes are, and she feels it better that way. ]

Welcome to England, Kratos. You're at the outskirts of London.

[ Near the East End, correctly, a pocket dimension stopped by time. She chuckles, looking around her ]

Figures you'd wind up here... but I promise it wasn't me who pulled you in, even if I was missing you!

[ There's a light tease to her tone, before she steps back, arms behind her back. ]

How have things been back home for you?

[ He glances around briefly. England, is it? ]

Adequate. Things continue as they should. And yourself?

[ Looking up and around her, she smiles with her eyes closed ]

It got a bit lonely, but there was work to do and things to restore. I'd spent a lot of time in Meltokio, after all.

[ Then she grins brightly ]

You're just in time for Halloween though!
... Halloween?
Goodness, you've never heard of it? Lloyd and Zelos... though I suppose they would know because of the City... Ah, well. It's a celebration to mark the end of the harvest and the summer! So people dress up in costumes and wish the spirits of the dead well!

Oh, and there's a lot of trick-or-treating that day too!